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DOT Inspections for Minnesota Commercial Vehicles

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Get Your DOT Inspection From The Certified Pros at Tri-State Towing & Recovery

Whether you own one commercial vehicle or a large fleet, you must have your DOT inspections performed by licensed, certified inspectors, like the team here at Tri-State Towing & Recovery.

Tri-State Towing & Recovery is home to ASE-certified technicians who are licensed and certified as DOT inspectors in Minnesota. Our team receives continuous training to maintain certification and ensure that your vehicles are inspected carefully and efficiently.

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What Laws Govern DOT Inspection In Minnesota?

Minnesota has adopted most of the inspection, repair, and maintenance requirements found in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR). The requirements specific to CMVs licensed and housed in Minnesota are found in Section 168.781 of the Minnesota Statutes. Those interested in reading the text of the laws can find the federal law here and the Minnesota state law here

Do I Need a DOT Inspection for My Vehicle?

Minnesota law specifies the sizes and types of vehicles that must undergo annual inspections and display an annual inspection decal. Under the statute, a commercial vehicle that is registered and operated in Minnesota must be inspected annually if it:


  • Has a gross vehicle weight (GVW) higher than 26,000 pounds

  • Is used as part of a combination weighing more than 26,000 pounds

  • Is a bus

  • Regardless of size, is used to transport hazardous materials that must be placarded under federal law


Minnesota-registered CMVs that are housed and maintained in other states may be eligible for a certificate of compliance if the vehicle has been inspected per federal regulations. Such vehicles would not need to pass the Minnesota annual inspection. The annual inspection requirements also do not apply to certain farm vehicles, school buses, and city buses carrying passengers intrastate.

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What To Expect During A Minnesota DOT Inspection

Certified inspectors, including those at Tri-State Towing & Recovery, perform comprehensive checks of CMVs. Upon completion, you will receive an itemized report indicating whether the vehicle passed or failed. This report must be retained by the owner for 14 months. 


Some of the major components included in the MN DOT inspection include:


  • Frame

  • Exhaust system

  • Braking components, including drums, shoes, pads, rotors, brake lines, etc.

  • Hubs and bearings 

  • Wheels, locks and lug nuts

  • Hitches, including goosenecks, fifth wheels and kingpins, saddle mounts, and pintles

  • Fuel tanks, fuel lines and fuel caps

  • Lights

  • Tires

  • Windows and wipers

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Be Ready For Roadside Inspections

The annual DOT inspection helps ensure that your vehicle is ready for other inspections that may take place during the year. Commercial vehicle inspectors (CVIs) and state troopers often conduct coordinated enforcement actions at weigh stations and roadside locations, for example. 


These can occur at any time, and if your vehicle fails you could face driver’s license suspension, fines and even criminal charges. 

Call 507-272-1176 or send us a message to get a free DOT inspection estimate. 

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Ensure Your Fleet is Road-Ready with DOT Inspection Services

At Tri-State Towing & Recovery, we understand the importance of keeping your vehicles compliant and safe on the road. Our certified experts provide comprehensive Department of Transportation (DOT) Inspection services designed to meet all regulatory requirements and keep your fleet running smoothly.


Why Choose Us for Your DOT Inspection Needs?


  • Expert Technicians: Our team of highly trained and certified technicians have extensive experience in performing detailed DOT inspections.

  • Comprehensive Service: We cover all aspects of the DOT inspection process, from checking brake systems and steering mechanisms to ensuring proper lighting and load securement.

  • Convenience: Located conveniently in Rochester, MN. We offer flexible scheduling to minimize downtime for your fleet.

  • Compliance Assurance: Stay compliant with all DOT regulations and avoid costly fines and penalties with our thorough inspection services.

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